New In 2021 -
The Inxeption Better Buyer Program!

It takes five minutes to become a Better Buyer! Get money and time-saving benefits when you do business with or purchase products from Inxeption merchants, including earning valuable reward points.


Get cleaner, safer air in your vehicle! The advanced PuraShield Mini, made by Inxeption merchant Purafil, filters viruses and bacteria, and it removes pollen, smoke, and other odors. Sign up as an Inxeption Better Buyer and you’ll receive a code to order one ABSOLUTELY FREE ($99 value). You can also shop for other air scrubbing solutions for your business or office at the Purafil’s online store, powered by Inxeption.

Get a special gift just for signing up!

Benefits of the program

Makes it easier and faster to make purchases and do business with other Inxeption merchants.

Sign up once - your information, including financing approvals and special vendor discounts, will follow you.

Helps launch our new Inxeption rewards program - more details to follow.

Makes you eligible for exciting promotions and incentives Inxeption merchants are offering customers.

If you're not selling online, you should be!

If you're not selling online, you should be!

Inxeption is not only a platform to Do Businesses Better but a marketing partner to help companies find new buyers and grow their business!

Inxeption’s Better Buyer Program is just another reason why Inxeption is the I-commerce leader. We provide all the key ingredients for success selling online, from an online store, to an industrial-strength cart, marketing support, to logistics, and financing.

Join our growing community of merchants finding success selling direct to customers!

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From the first days of Inxeption, our goal was to build not just a commerce platform, but a digital business community where merchants and buyers can interact in both synergistic and secure new ways.

Our new Better Buyer Program is an exciting step toward making that a reality. By signing up, you will become eligible for a list of benefits we're launching in 2021, including a rewards program, automatic sign-in at our participating merchant sites, co-promotions, financing options, and other incentives.

We're pleased to reward our early adopters with this great product from Inxeption commerce partner Purafil, which is designed to keep your vehicle's air safe and cleaner. At Inxeption, we are committed to our customers' success."