Inxeption is an industrial-strength eCommerce platform, built on Blockchain, that places product at the center of your organization.

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Inxeption is changing the way that industries promote, sell and manage products and services online.

Inxeption is the first industrial commerce (I-commerce) platform that connects buyers and sellers online. Inxeption's feature-rich software and service platform provides tools based on blockchain technology to ensure trusted, secure and reliable transactions. Leverage Inxeption's industrial business services to grow revenue, and streamline your business.

Bring leads to your website using advanced PPC methodologies. Maintain a completely transparent window into your campaigns, who is visiting your website, what is working, and where there is room for improvement. Watch orders come in in real-time using Inxeption’s analytics dashboards, manage and ship with Zippy shipping.

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I would definitely recommend Inxeption to other people who are looking to make a change or to streamline. I think the price is good for a small business.

Todd Boulanger, The Rope Trainer

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We don't have an IT department or a marketing department, so Inxeption has really helped us step-by-step to be able to build the website that leads us where we need to be going.

Tara Mallon, McAllister Retail

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We wanted to make our customer feel more comfortable purchasing online and the ability to add or subtract discounts and adjust shipping is great. There are a lot of advantages to using the platform.

Joe Aul, Aul Bat Company