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Discover additional revenue without affecting your existing channels. Sell and engage with buyers in real time.

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Omni-channel selling

Grow top line revenue through multiple channels with Inxeption. No matter what product line you decide to start with - orphaned product, new product or your top seller - our integrated analytics, robust selling tools and secure blockchain technology make it easy to sell more.

Protect your customer data

Inxeption blockchain technology is 100% hack-proof. This allows you to maintain control of your customer data so no third party can use it for their own gain. Use this transparency into your customer data to improve how you sell.

Create a marketplace

Create your own marketplace within the IBC. Make purchasing convenient, efficient and trusted for your customers by bringing merchants together securely, with live-time, transparent communication and innovative transacting opportunities.

Simplify your logistics

With Inxeption Zippy shipping you get simplified parcel, freight, and international shipping, with no end-of-month surprise costs, for the best rates available. And because it’s powered by UPS, you know it’ll get there. Shipping for your business has never been so efficient.

Common Questions

How does Inxeption help me discover new revenue without disrupting my existing sales and distribution channels?

Inxeption offers an omni-channel solution which allows your business to digitize and list orphaned or hard-to-sell products in your ledger. By adding an optimized e-commerce presence to your traditional sales channels, you can sell more and grow top line revenue.

Why is Inxeption better than creating my own e-commerce site or using another platform?

Unlike other platforms, Inxeption was designed for the needs of enterprise businesses. Inxeption offers integrated, robust tools and benefits geared specifically towards selling industrial products. Our blockchain technology ensures that you own your customer and can communicate with them in live time, and Zippy shipping enables you to ship parcel and freight efficiently at an advantageous price.

Should I create an Inxeption Marketplace?

Creating an Inxeption Marketplace allows you to curate a group of high quality, trusted vendors in one place, where your customers can then shop for their industrial products easily and conveniently. If your business wants to offer an easy way for customers to buy everything they need in one place, creating an Inxeption Marketplace might be a good option for you.

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Happy Customers

Inxeption makes it easy for me to sell online and increase my revenue just by taking a few simple steps.

Ethan Silver, Sr. Director, Primitive Logic

This is the McAllister Retail logo

This removes a huge hurdle for us in expanding our e-commerce presence.

Todd McAllister, Founder and CEO of McAllister Retail

Inxeption's storefront gives us great marketing flexibility, from managing our SEO and SEM to custom promotional codes for influencers and wholesalers. The blockchain product record means that as we introduce new blends, flavors and packing, it will be easy to track product down to a very specific level, rather than relying on distributors to determine exactly what product each customer has.

Atul Argawal, Bela Drink