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Inxeption's platform helps your enterprise business rejuvenate existing product lines, optimize existing sales channels and build new ones, and modernize your supply chain.

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Today, every enterprise is under pressure to find growth opportunities. With the Inxeption platform, division managers and P&L owners can see immediate ROI impact by reducing friction with existing customers and existing products. But that's just the beginning of the benefits of digital transformation.

As an enterprise leader, you can:

  • Create a new sales channel for one product, one or more product lines, a special bundle, or a promotion.
  • Add search-based marketing capabilities to find new customers.
  • Digitally transform and grow without disrupting existing offline channels.
  • Discover and create the products, bundles, and services that your customers say they want.
  • Use real-time customer feedback and analytics for marketing tests and smarter product development.
  • Better manage and find inefficiencies in your supply chain.
  • Create and manage your own marketplaces.

Infinitely scalable and tamper-proof thanks to blockchain, the Inxeption platform makes it easy to sell more and do more immediately — the sky's the limit.

Common Questions

What's different about Inxeption?

The unique benefit of the Inxeption platform is that it integrates critical functions so a business can manage an entire product line or business unit or even an entire organization from a single dashboard. The platform surfaces real-time information about the entire supply chain, including shipping and logistics, marketing analytics, and customer service. In addition, Inxeption offers service capabilities that reduce friction at key pain points. Combined with secure collaboration tools, the platform not only brings a provider of goods and services closer to its customers, it creates a community of users that find new opportunities and cost savings by working together.

How does Inxeption help me discover new revenue without disrupting my existing sales and distribution channels?

Inxeption offers an omni-channel solution which allows your business to digitize and revitalize product lines. By adding an optimized ecommerce presence to your traditional sales channels, you can sell more.

How could an Inxeption Marketplace help me?

Creating an Inxeption Marketplace allows you to organize groups of trusted merchants in one place, where buyers can then shop for products easily and conveniently. Creating an Inxeption Marketplace is an exciting new option in online selling.

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