What is the Inxeption Business Community?

Any Inxeption merchant with products loaded into the Inxeption Product Ledger is a part of the IBC. Companies can partner and form one or many marketplaces within the IBC, or join existing marketplaces for new selling opportunities. Market and sell products and services with ease.

Join an Inxeption Marketplace

Join an Inxeption Marketplace by placing your products alongside merchants with complementary products, all catering to an audience that’s looking for what you sell. Benefit from omni-channel product placements and increase sales.

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Create an Inxeption Marketplace

Create your own marketplace. Amplify your current product offerings by including like-minded products and services to your customers, allowing them to get what they need easily and quickly.

Create strategic partnerships with merchants and target customers with discounts, promotions and special offers. Even choose to allow customers to pay for products and services with Inxeption tokens in addition to other transaction methods - credit card, purchase orders, financing and more.

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