Industrial Strength Commerce

Build a powerful online selling machine for your business in a few simple steps. At Inxeption, our I-commerce sites are geared specifically towards your industrial products.

Get Started

Get an amazing I-commerce site, fast

Our e-commerce templates have been designed to enhance performance and maximize selling potential. Mobile friendly, SEO optimized, Google Adwords compatible. Once you’ve chosen your template, add text and branding, and use Inxeption’s product management tools to choose the products that you want to sell online.

Familiar with WordPress? We offer WordPress templates that have the same great Inxeption functionality paired with WordPress’ built in site management systems. Have an existing website? Use our our Supercart™ to integrate seamlessly.

Take orders using our industrial-strength Supercart™

Our sales order processing engine handles credit cards of course, but also offers so much more. Process purchase orders, reduce friction by giving customers the option to set up financing, and apply discounts in the checkout flow.

Inxeption’s secure blockchain technology will make it possible to buy and sell goods and services within the Inxeption network using tokenized transactions between vendors.

Get detailed feedback about products and sales with Analytics

Inxeption provides single console to manage your online sales. Inxeption brings together the most important metrics you need to understand how and what you're selling, including top search keywords, traffic and clicks, customer drop-off points, and marketing spend and return on investment. Use these KPI's to retarget or optimize accordingly.