Jan 16, 2019 - Inxeption announces that UPS (NYSE:UPS) Strategic Enterprise fund has made an equity investment in the company.

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Inxeption is an industrial-strength eCommerce platform, built on Blockchain, that places product at the center of your organization.

You're seeing the new reality of how successful companies will market and sell their products online.

Industrial Strength eCommerce

Inxeption provides a single, visual, and intelligent platform to promote, sell, and manage your products and services online

Start with one of our eCommerce website templates, then sell online with Inxeption's industrial-strength Supercart designed for B2B eCommerce. Optimize your online selling campaigns through our timely analytics and management tools, and integrate your online offering through our easy to use product digitization features.

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Blockchain That Means Business

Each change to the product is stored to Inxeption's blockchain to present a complete, accurate, and immutable product history.

Our blockchain brings together verified buyers and sellers with an ease never before seen in a B2B transaction. Orders, deliveries, payments, product specifications... it's all recorded in an immutable record that can be referenced and relied upon.

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The Product LedgerTM

Paper catalogs are a thing of the past. Inxeption enables you to digitize your product information to help drive all aspects of your business.

We know how difficult and painful it is to keep accurate and timely product information. Inxeption makes it easy to keep all that information accurate and at your fingertips to help drive profitable customer relationships and make smart business decisions.

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