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Inxeption's Dramatic Q1 Growth Numbers Smash Expectations


Inxeption, the pioneer of I-commerce business services, announced today that the results of its first quarter performance dramatically exceeded expectations both for business performance and new services.

  • The company's total revenues increased 550% over Q1 2020.

  • The "Total Commerce Value" or TCV executed on the Inxeption platform increased nearly 900%. Inxeption uses TCV to describe the total value of goods and services processed on the platform.

  • Also in Q1, Inxeption executed over 200K transactions involving products that range from from industrial air purification systems, to sporting goods, and for 400 customers ranging from global solar panel manufacturers to craft food and beverage companies. That diversity demonstrates the broad utility and value of I-commerce for companies of any size, in any industry.

  • To centralize Inxeption's rapidly growing logistics capabilities, the company has opened a new Logistics Command Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Although Inxeption already has transportation professionals operating in every time zone, headcount at the LCC is expected to triple by year end 2021.

  • Inxeption now employs over 200 people located in more than half a dozen states.

New services announced in Q1 include:

EasyOrder: Inxeption's new streamlined, digital order-entry portal saves time and reduces errors for customers who have long juggled a combination of manual orders from phone, e-mail, even fax from both distributor and consumers who frequently reorder. EasyOrder lets sellers customize prices displayed for each customer to conform to pre-negotiated contracts, and even lets a seller offer "Buy Now, Pay Later" options for distributors.

Ship Now, Pay Later: As the economy strengthens, many businesses are still struggling to manage working capital as they both increase inventory and fill orders from customers paying with 30-day terms. For a low fee, SNPL allows Inxeption customers to delay shipping charges as they ramp up order fulfillment.

Merchant Cash Advance: In another service designed to help customers with working capital challenges, Inxeption customers can get a cash advance they pay back on a schedule pegged to their actual revenues.

According to Inxeption CEO Farzad Dibachi, the momentum of these new services and professional staff means "We are actually accelerating our growth." The rate of customer acquisition also increased substantially during the first quarter. Dibachi adds: "I am looking forward to our revenue hitting triple digits this year."

About Inxeption: Inxeption is the pioneer of Industrial commerce ("I-commerce"). Its secure and scalable cloud-based digital commerce platform brings the ease of consumer e-commerce to B2B. From one digital dashboard, companies of any size in any industry can drive more sales, gain operational visibility, and realize cost savings. Its integrated service offerings include merchant cash advances and other financial services, flat-rate logistics with shipping protection, web design, and strategic marketing. Inxeption's invitation to companies of any size is: Let's Do Business Better.

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