Inxeption for Business Owners

Most ecommerce platforms were built for low-end consumer items. Inxeption's platform is built for the robust needs of business. Powerful tools, simple enough for any size business to set up and start selling immediately.

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Get an amazing I-commerce site, fast

Get an industrial-strength web store tailored to your business needs. Our ecommerce templates have been designed to enhance performance and maximize selling potential. You own the look and feel of your site. Pick a product or product line to upload to the Inxeption platform to get you started. Add an infinite number of products easily and scale your business through multiple channels.

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Better order processing and logistics

Process purchase orders, apply discounts, and even offer financing options to customers in the checkout flow with Inxeption Cart. Inxeption's blockchain technology makes it possible to buy and sell goods and services securely within the platform.

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Simple, powerful analytics

Inxeption provides one digital dashboard to manage your online sales, bringing together the most important metrics you need to better understand and interact with your customers. View top search keywords, traffic and clicks, customer drop-off points, marketing spend, ROI, and more.

Common Questions

How quickly can I get up and running?

Our team gets you up and running so you can start selling immediately. Even get your I-commerce site up in less than 24 hours. Contact us to get a personalized estimate.

I have an existing e-commerce website, how do I integrate with Inxeption?

If you have an existing site, or are familiar with Wordpress, Inxeption makes it easy to integrate our Inxeption cart, platform dashboards, and simplified logistics using a webhook process.

What is the value of working with Inxeption?

The platform enables you to add additional online sales channels, drive traffic, and grow top line revenue. Improve your website based on insights from integrated analytics. Sell more and do more with industrial commerce.

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I would definitely recommend Inxeption to other people who are looking to make a change or to streamline. I think the price is good for a small business.

- Todd Boulanger, The Rope Trainer