Inxeption Shipping Protection Terms


These terms (“Protection Terms”) apply to you on the date you elect to purchase (“Effective Date”) shipping service protection (“Shipping Protection”) in connection with your Inxeption Shipping services as described in the Inxeption Shipping Terms of Service. These Protection Terms apply in addition to the Shipping Terms. Inxeption may update these Protection Terms (including the applicable underwriter), from time to time, by giving you notice through your Inxeption Platform (as defined in the Inxeption Business Community Terms), email, or other method allowed therein. Your continued use of Shipping Protection after the effective date of any change will constitute acceptance of such updated terms. You can review the current version of these Protection Terms at any time at

A. Shipping Protection

You agree to use Shipping Protection, at all times, in accordance with all procedures that are provided to you by Inxeption.

You may receive Shipping Protection only in connection with your use of Inxeption Shipping. Shipping Protection is only available for three types of shipping services: parcel, Less Than Truckload (“LTL”), and Full Truckload (“FTL”). You may purchase Shipping Protection separately for each type of shipping service. Once you purchase Shipping Protection for a given type of shipping service, Shipping Protection will apply to all Shipments of that service type starting on the Effective Date.

Shipping Protection is a shipping insurance for Shipments of Orders placed by your customers. The current underwriter of Shipping Protection is Falvey Shippers Insurance (“Falvey”). Shipping Protection is subject to Falvey’s insurance offering, including without limitation policy exclusions and limitations. Details about the insurance coverage, process of filing claims, and other information about Shipping Protection are described in Falvey’s Terms and Conditions. You acknowledge that the underwriter may share with Inxeption information regarding your claims. As between you and Inxeption, you agree that you will be solely responsible for the filing of claims. All aspects of the claims process will be handled exclusively by you and Falvey. Before shipment of your Orders subject to Shipping Protection, and before Shipping Protection coverage begins, you must agree to provide Inxeption with the required information about such Orders.

The last paragraph of Section C (Fees) of the Shipping Terms does not apply to Shipments covered by Shipping Protection.

B. Fees

Inxeption will advise you of the fees for Shipping Protection. You will pay Inxeption the Shipping Protection fees when due. Inxeption will invoice you monthly in arrears and the Shipping Protection fees will be due within seven (7) calendar days of the invoice date. The Shipping Protection fees are quoted as a flat fee per insured shipment for each type of shipping service for which you purchase Shipping Protection.

You acknowledge that Inxeption, in its sole discretion, may adjust the Shipping Protection fee(s) or cancel your Shipping Protection at any time. Any Orders placed after the date of such adjustment of the Shipping Protection fees constitute your acceptance of the adjusted fees.