Inxeption Tokens

Inxeption will provide tokens to IBC members to facilitate transactions in a flexible, self-directed and secure manner.

Encourage Repeat Buyers

IBC members will be able to use Inxeption tokens to give discounts to customers, collaborate with partners, or pay for goods and services on the platform. Tokens reduce the overall cost of transacting, and friction between transacting parties.

Unlike other loyalty systems, like mileage programs that can change the value of your reward in unpredictable ways, you control the value of your tokens on Inxeption.

Momentum Token

The Momentum Token (PMV) is intended to build out the network of token users in the IBC. These security tokens will be offered to accredited investors. Eventually Momentum tokens may be exchanged for Work tokens.

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Work Token

The Work Token (WFD) will be used by IBC users to take advantage of special offers as well as purchase goods and services on the platform. A ledger of Work tokens can be used to gain access to special events or other unique service offerings.

Work Tokens will also be used in the IBC as currency between Inxeption customers. Merchants have the opportunity to value their Work tokens based on their business needs and offerings.

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