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Setting up, selling and shipping products online is getting easier for B2B merchants thanks to a new alliance between UPS (NYSE: UPS) and e-commerce technology company Inxeption. Today, the two companies announced a platform integration called Inxeption Zippy that helps businesses market and distribute their products on multiple online channels, from one secure place.

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Streamline shipping and logistics with Inxeption’s one-stop-shop for B2B business

Seamless integration of shipping, tracking and other capabilities within the Inxeption platform

Simplified shipment pricing for Inxeption users. Advantageous, all-inclusive pricing with no charge backs

Get up and running with Inxeption's tools and features

List your products on Inxeption

Our product digitization tools will help you get your products online quickly

Bring your business online with an optimized e-commerce website hosted on Inxeption

Benefit from omni-channel selling or expand and scale your existing e-commerce presence

Promote, manage and sell your products using Inxeption’s industrial strength Supercart and easy-to understand analytics dashboards

Streamline your logistics with Inxeption Zippy - simplified, all-inclusive pricing

Know your true product costs and margins

All transactions are secure and trustworthy with Inxeption’s blockchain technology

You own your customer data, not a third party

Grow your top line revenue with Inxeption Zippy

Benefit from omni-channel selling

Monitor and receive feedback about sales

Fast, easy, efficient shipping

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