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The History of Inxeption

Industrial Commerce pioneer Inxeption Corp. was founded in 2017 by three veteran software entrepreneurs—Farzad Dibachi, Mark Moore, and Terry Garnett.

They combine decades of experience as innovators with a deep understanding of the challenges millions of businesses face making, selling, and shipping industrial products.

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Who we are. What we do.

Inxeption is a cloud-based digital commerce software platform designed for B2B companies, making us the pioneers of Industrial or “I-commerce.” Inxeption helps companies of every size digitally optimize all critical aspects of their businesses, from online selling to logistics to product catalogs to finance. Inxeption is more than a seller of software; the platform also includes high-value services and acts as an advocate for its customers in the pursuit of Doing Business Better.

Inxeption puts product information, such as specifications, photos, and prices in a powerful, secure database called the Inxeption Ledger. This ledger forms the core of the platform’s architecture and is built on tamper-proof blockchain technology. This product-centric approach creates a platform that overcomes one of the most challenging competitive threats businesses face today when they try to sell online. Third-party digital marketplaces like Amazon or Shopify also help partners sell online--but with strings attached. They essentially rent their partners a shopfront in their buildings, where they also see every customer that goes in and out and may use this visibility to compete with their own partners.

What’s so unique about Inxeption is that the platform becomes the command center of a discrete, secure, and custom environment in the cloud for every single Commerce Partner. It is a standalone digital entity where the partner can market, sell, process orders, and ship orders, but remains in control of their own data and can choose whether and how to collaborate with other partners. And Inxeption’s platform allows Commerce Partners to deploy and monitor their data through a single dashboard screen.

Today, an ever-growing number of Inxeption Commerce Partners are gaining new capabilities that transform their operations--such as guaranteed flat-rate pricing for shipping, in-cart contract negotiation and execution, and even the ability to spin up new online selling channels that do not disrupt existing channels, in order to move excess inventory, samples, or parts. Inxeption is building a community of digitally empowered companies that grows more powerful with the addition of each and every new partner. It is energized by the challenge: Let’s Do Business Better.

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I would definitely recommend Inxeption to other people who are looking to make a change or to streamline. I think the price is good for a small business.

- Todd Boulanger, The Rope Trainer

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We don't have an IT department or a marketing department, so Inxeption has really helped us step-by-step to be able to build the website that leads us where we need to be going.

- Tara Mallon, McAllister Retail

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We wanted to make our customer feel more comfortable purchasing online and the ability to add or subtract discounts and adjust shipping is great. There are a lot of advantages to using the platform.

- Joe Aul, Aul Bat Company