Notice of Right to Opt-Out

Like many companies, Inxeption uses online advertising services that employ cookies and similar technologies to collect information about your device and online activity on our sites, apps, and other online services. The advertising services use this information to try to tailor the ads you see online to your interests. These ads are called interest-based ads. The privacy laws in certain states, including California, Virginia and Colorado, may classify our use of these services as a “sale” of personal information to those advertising services from which residents of such states have the right to opt-out.

Request Access to Your Data

Opt-out of Marketing Campaigns

At Inxeption, we believe in giving you the power to control your email preferences. We understand that your inbox can get cluttered, and we want to make sure you only receive emails that matter to you.

Once you click "Opt-Out," we will respect your choice and ensure you no longer receive emails from this specific source. This helps us improve our communication with you.

We value your privacy, and we want to be transparent about our data practices. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.