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It’s no secret that when it comes to ocean shipping, it’s a carrier’s market. Demand will outpace capacity for the foreseeable future and spot rates are at historical highs. But there is a better way forward, with Inxeption:

1. Get locked-in rates with no premium charges for availability and capacity
Our team has long-term relationships with a group of powerhouse freight-forwarders. Leverage our team to avoid volatility and surprises, with rates locked in for three to six months.

2. Get platform power from our advanced technology
Inxeption’s I-commerce platform brings online selling, all-mode logistics, and embedded financial services into one dashboard. The addition of real time container tracking within the dashboard will provide key visibility and insights.

3. Save time with streamlined processes
Technology and transparency bring valuable efficiencies, such as eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails and phone calls to rate shop, track, and trace your cargo.

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Why work with Inxeption?

Nobody understands doing business online like Inxeption. Whether you want to sell one product or digitally transform your entire company and supply chain, Inxeption can help you sell, ship, finance, insure, and get real-time insights into your business. Find new customers and drive revenues—fast.

We're a cloud-based, mobile-friendly platform so you never have to worry about upgrading software. See why smart companies are joining us to Do Business Better.


Nasa Toys Panama

Inxeption is helping toy manufacturer Nasa Toys Panama save money on international shipping.


Inxeption's international shipping service has been great for us! We move containers from our factory in China to Panama, and their rates are second to none. Not only that, their customer service is unparalleled. They are super helpful and attentive to our needs.

We are looking into moving most of our shipping volume to Inxeption. We are never overpaying for our shipments again!

Jose Esquenazi, CEO

How is Inxeption logistics different?

Our data-enhanced approach to LTL delivery, cargo logistics, ocean shipping, freight quotes, and freight pricing not only saves you time comparing rates, but also gives you insights that help you Do Business Better across the board. Simple, centralized transportation management dashboards can be easily plugged into an online selling engine to drive new sales.

We do ocean shipping better

Locked-in rates with no add-on charges and no surprises. Powerful technology. Transparency brings even more efficiencies and cost-savings.

Not only that, your Inxeption team will be your partner, helping you execute other areas of your business more effectively. Leverage our flat-rates on other logistics modes (parcel, LTL, and FTL) or expand your ecommerce capabilities. We also offer highly competitive rates on financing offerings like cash advances and extended payment terms, so you can invest in business growth.

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Shark Wheel

Our flat-rate shipping plan for business is a hit with Lake-Forest, California-based Shark Wheel, which ships 25-pound electric skateboards around the U.S.


We save almost $200,000/year ... Inxeption [has] reinvented shipping (all flat rate shipping, eliminating all surcharges for peak season, residential, fuel etc.). Thanks Inxeption!

Zack Fleishman, COO